Optimizing your through-channel, co-op or MDF program

Optimizing your through-channel, co-op or MDF program can seem like a daunting task if you’re not sure where to start. We’ve outlined three suggestions below that will not only enhance your program, but will also prove to be highly beneficial for your channel-partners in driving business in their local markets.

Step 1: Implement a turnkey portal or system

Make sure that your co-op, MDF or through-channel program is keeping up with the times from a technology standpoint. Your channel-partners main focus is on their business and selling their product/service. If you’re providing your channel-partners an extremely efficient, turnkey and easy to use platform for managing their co-op or MDF funds, then your channel-partners are going to be much more inclined to continue to embrace program change and more importantly, advertise your brand in their local market.

Step 2: Offer more within your portal

A more user-friendly through-channel portal will make a world of difference, but giving your channel-partners a more robust, automated offering within the portal will help amplify their business. Can your channel-partners place and buy local media all through your portal with a few clicks? How about downloading assets or customizing branded assets on the fly? What about on-demand reporting and insights? Make sure that your channel-partners are equipped with a portal that’s going to be a game-changer for their business in their local market.

Step 3: Support, support, support

One of the most important ingredients for implementing positive change in a through-channel program is making sure your channel-partners overall experience is positive. A great way to ensure a more positive experience would be to implement a dedicated support team that lives and breathes your program. These are the brand advocates on the front-line of all channel-partner communication, acting as a sounding board and safety-net for all inquiries and issues that your channel-partners may face each day. Having a dedicated support team to help guide the user through the program will ensure a unified partnership between your channel-partners and your brand, influencing them to continue to advertise in their local market.

A more turn-key and modern portal, robust program & technology enhancements, and a dedicated support team are all optimizations that are sure to be embraced by your channel-partner network. Cooperate Marketing knows a thing or two about implementing these types of improvements, as we’ve been doing just that for a variety of clients for nearly a decade.

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